Monday, September 5, 2011

Hanging on.......

I always feel like we need to squeeze every last moment out of the sunny-end-of-summer-days...... I feel almost desperate when I feel that coolness in the breeze that signals the decline of Summer.  It's like when you are flying and you feel that moment when the plane starts it's descent, that subtle change in the thrum of the engine and the slight slowing down...... that's how this week feels to me.

So we usually throw a Labour Day Weekend Party as a final assault on Summer. 

We are not usually, however, away until the day Labour Day weekend starts!  The bonus was we were coming home through Bellingham so we made use of Trader Joes for a few short cuts on the catering and the bonus of coming north when everyone else was going south meant no border line-ups and we were waved through with no hassles!

Allan did however import a cold with him and was laid low Saturday so Lindsay and I headed out with the lists to Costco and other places and by the end of Saturday I had all the groceries and had done most of the prep.

On Sunday we were delighted to see Miss Penelope Pepper Hofs  dedicated at church.  She is such a joy in my life and I love watching her family grow together. 

And then a quick swing to the Steveston Farmers and Artisans Market to pick up the previously ordered Angry Bird Cake Pops I alluded to here.  The very talented Brad of Doughboy Bakery made 10 red angry bird for David's birthday cake!  I have made cake pops, watched the Bakerella videos, seen the amazing creations on Janice's blog.......... they are so much work and Brad's attention to detail is incredible and the tasters tell me the cake was "Amazing"........ I wish I had the time and the patience, not to mention the skill....but I know when I am beat ..... and I am more than happy to support a local business.  I will be back to Doughboy before too long!

David making his Angry Bird face

A busy afternoon of preparing food, chatting to teenage girls who floated in and out followed by clouds of hairspray from freshly straightened hair, everyone pitching in and doing jobs and suddenly it was 5pm.

Party on!

I had a vision for this party...... I wanted simple, tasty abundance..... "Abundance" was the word that kept coming to mind.  I wanted platters piled high with good, fresh, tasty food.  So I kept the menu simple and although we did kebobs which took quite a pit of prep - they were pretty and tasty!

Blueberry Crumbles

Working together

Veggie Kabobs

Chicken Kabobs

Lots of soft, white, fresh bread

That kind of menu also means the party runs pretty smoothly and with 25 or so people it went relatively smoothly.  The little people were lovely and played well.  The teenage girls were sweet and came and went as the mood took them.  The pre-teen boys tried to annoy the teenage girls, made up loud and crazy games and then built a giant fort in my livingroom.

David and his buddy Jason decided to sleep in the fort.
 The adults sat around the table having conversation, drinking wine, watching the antics of youth and enjoying the summer evening.

More than once I took a moment to take it all in and revel in the blessing of great kids, wonderful and diverse friendships, good and abundant food, a home overflowing but accommodating, my son having fun with friends, being embraced for who he is, being celebrated for his birthday. My beautiful and confident daughter with lovely friends and straight hair. And every once in a while I caught my husbands eye across the crowd and we shared a smile of contentment.

I am seldom more happy than on a night like this.

Today would be a good day to check in on my one little word for 2011.  :)

The Summer of 2011 was different, unexpected, bumpy at times, with little oases of joy and delight, like the gift of this night.

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