Saturday, September 24, 2011

Island Envy

Lindsay and I headed out "on assignment" this morning.

Allan has a big presentation for university due on Tuesday.   The topic is generally about the rise of the "Eat local" "100 mile diet" "organic" food movement and the possible reasons and the impact on culture etc..... and I offered to take some photos for his presentation today.

Lindsay and I headed out with an idea of some of the signs we wanted.  The "White Spot Farms" sign just south of the tunnel, the "Urban Edibles" sign on Steveston Highway etc.  To do this we had to head into Ladner and Lindsay suggested we stop at West Coast Seeds which was an excellent idea.  While she was shooting photos it occurred to me that Westham Island might be a good place for signs of the eat local / organic farming movement.

I have not been out that way in over 10 years........ honestly.......seems crazy but it's true.   Since a disturbing incident at the Bird Sanctuary out there when a very large crane-like bird tried to eat my baby........ I have not been back.

So nothing looked familiar as we crossed the charming single lane wooden bridge onto the Island. 

But the signs we were looking for where evident immediately and very soon we turned off the "main" road and came upon Westham Island Herb Farm!  What a much to see, so much incredible local, organic produce, such interesting stuff.....we had a very happy wander and came away with so many veggies, some funky mini pumpkins for decorating the house for Fall, a lovely bunch of red zinnia's and some strawberry jam that deserves some fresh, homemade scones which Lindsay is making as we speak and which the boys will be so happy to see when they get home from soccer!

We drove around on small country lanes and I was amazed by the incredible views of the North Shore mountains and Mount Baker .  Beautiful fields with mountain backdrops!  It was peaceful and pastoral.


I fell in love.

Increasingly Allan and I crave some land to grow things on and to find this incredible, obviously fertile, peaceful place so close to the City seemed like the jackpot!  I am also pretty sure I would have to win the lottery to afford even a small corner of this island.......sigh!

I can't believe I haven't been there more often........ I plan to change that.......and look forward to many happy visits to Westham Island BC.

Oh - and we completed the photo assignment for Allan! Bonus! Most of the photo's here are credited to Lindsay who I had so much hanging out with!

Maybe one day.....

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  1. I share your island envy. Westham Island is one of my happy places and we visit that same farm for honey, pumpkins and potatoes. And I know of the cranes you speak of...I had a group of young students with me there years ago when one of those sandhill cranes tried to nip off the nose of one of the little boys! Quite traumatizing for him! And btw, Allan and David were both stars at soccer today. I have a couple of photos to send you!