Friday, September 16, 2011

L,L,J,J and I

My fabulous friends Leslie, Laura, Jenny, Juli and I are off on a Girls Weekend Getaway that has been months in the planning.

These young Mom's are amongst my favourite people on the planet.  They are beautiful, smart, sassy and super fun to be around.  The banter on our event page for this weekend has been stinkin' hilarious.

Last night I started a thread in which we each wrote what we were hoping for from the weekend. For two of these Mom's it is the first time they are leaving their little ones overnight so the lists had some common themes..........

some fun times in the car, coffee, no children to wake us up on Sunday morning, and a few good chats with my favorite ladies.

I'm stoked about shopping without a stroller to maneuver around, sleeping in, laughing till my belly hurts, being with some of my fave girls and not doing dishes!

having my hands free for once in forever and spending some good, quality, cozy, loving, lovely time with my dear and beautiful friends!

I need a break and couldn't be happier about escaping with an amazing group of women.

I am driving and with 5 of us in the M5 plus our luggage not to mention our shopping..... it's going to be cozy indeed!  I have devised a weekend road trip game that should be loads of fun with prizes and forfeits........I wonder what constitutes public mischief in the USA? 

Of course we are hitting the Outlet Mall and Alderwood Mall on the way to Seattle and we all have lists of things to get....... I know if I don't get a pair of pants that fit Allan will have a fit! And I buy my Godson a red jacket every Fall and I need to find it!

Then we head into Seattle to a 2 bedroom suite at the Homewood Suites - bed allocation has been a topic of MUCH discussion and I would not be surprised if a pillow or two were thrown at some point!  

We plan to have dinner like grown-ups , wander downtown Seattle, talk, sleep late and then do whatever we want on Sunday before hitting Trader Joes in Bellingham on the way home....... we are literally guaranteed to be given a grilling at the Border coming home...... there will be shopping bags everywhere!

I feel so incredibly blessed (and a tad bit ancient) to be hanging with these young women..... I love them all to bits and look forward to tripping the light fantastic with them and making some memories together....... Hopefully this will be the first of many Girls Getaways.

And on behalf of us all, I thank our spouses, for loving us enough to let us go!  Hats off to Sean, Sean, Spencer, Graham and Allan!

Ok girls.......let's do this thang.......!

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