Monday, January 31, 2011

My One Little Word

There is a "thing" among several bloggers / scrapbookers etc to choose "One little word" for the year - something one is aspiring to or wanting to cultivate in ones life.  Most people did this January 1 but I missed the bandwagon and so I decided to wait to wait until February 1, which is my birthday so the start of my year (and also I needed the time to think about the word).

It has been challenging to decide on one word..... especially for me..... user of more words than necessary on almost every occasion ......

But I have chosen..... C O N T E N T

con·tent 2  (kon-tent)
1. Desiring no more than what one has; satisfied.
2. Ready to accept or acquiesce; willing:
tr.v. con·tent·ed, con·tent·ing, con·tents
To make content or satisfied:
Contentment; satisfaction.
I do not think this will be easy for me but will require that I discipline myself to BE content, to not strive and yearn and fuss about "stuff".  I am going to have to catch myself and remember I can be content with what I have, not just materially but also emotionally, physically, in my work and in my home.  I hope it will help me to be grateful and generous.

I went to Michaels (Craft Superstore) today and bought some things so I can make a visual reminder of my word to hang in my bedroom so at the the start and end of each day I can check in with myself (and my husband) how content I am and to deal with any discontent.

I am excited about this little experiment!

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