Sunday, August 21, 2011

One Hour

It's amazing what an hour can do.......

I have had a rough couple of days feeling sick and a bit down.....a bit overwhelmed at work with alot going on..... and I have that sinking feeling that summer is almost over.  I hate that I anticipate things before they happen - it's like a self-sabotaging thing I do..... rather than just enjoy each day for what it is /offers I am always looking ahead, often worrying about or feeling sad about things before they even happen - SO silly.

Anyway this morning I finally felt like the bug and the migraine had moved on.  Each member of my family had something to do or some place to be so I decided to take the gap and wander into the village to the Farmers and Artisans market that happens every other Sunday.  I went down early so it wasn't very busy and the day seemed fresh although it was warm early.

My first stop is top secret as someone reading my blog is soon having a birthday........but I was very happy to find these items!! Very happy indeed.  I had a lovely chat to the vendor and went on my way to the Gourmet Samosa guy.  He is a regular stop on our market loop - we usually have half the bag for lunch and put the rest in the freezer.  I had a coffee from the next stall - Westcoast organic Coffee while the two vendors bantered back and forth..... I joined in and we had a good laugh.

I carried on and kept track of who was selling their blueberries and at what price (turns out they were all the same price).  I ended back at Guichon Farms where all the ladies wear bright green golf shirts which is very classy!   We discussed the various ways to cook beets (my beet goat cheese dish was excellent last night but I was lamenting the time it took to roast the beets - turns out the tip is to boil them for 15 minutes first!).  I got 4lbs of local blueberries, a bunch of gorgeous carrots and a bag of green beans.

Next stop - Fieldstone Artisan Breads for a french country loaf and a raspberry/white chocolate scone (the size of a dinner plate!).  There is always a long line up for this stall and today the young lady behind the counter was working very hard and when I thanked her and commended her for her grace under pressure she said "Well, it's a lovely day and the people at this market are so nice"! 

I stopped at Thai Princess ( for "Jeng's" amazing Thai sauces.  We love these beautifully flavoured sauces which turn an ordinary weeknight dinner into a delicious feast.  I bought his cookbook today too as gift for Allan (it was a bargain at $10).  The Thai Princess herself was there with her Dad today and this lovely man is so worth chatting to.  He gives great tips on what to pair with the sauces.

On to some of the artisans and artists...... I was SO happy to find an artist doing drawings of  Steveston.....sharing a stall with another artist who does paintings of robots..... seriously this stall was made for me!!!  I did some shopping...again I can't reveal what as some blog readers will benefit but I had a lovely long chat to these ladies, both locals.....both so talented.

I overheard a conversation at the Steveston Artist Guild stall about a book I have been meaning to buy.  It's by a local politician about the history of the village so we had a little chat about the book and about the politician - we had a laugh and I wandered on.

I bumped into friends, had more chats, filled up my bags and my backpack......and wandered home with a full and happy heart!  I LOVE this little village we live in, love being part of a community.....I know how blessed we are to be part of this!

I thought about taking out my camera more than once but I just decided that I wanted to just be in the moment, just enjoy it for what it was, not feel any need to capture it on was my very own happy hour. A one hour restoration for my soul!

I came home and shared the scone with Lindsay while we chatted.  She left for the beach with friends and I made delicious sandwiches from the artisan bread for Allan, who came home from another daycare construction project he is doing, and David who was just home from helping out with Sunday School at church.  I had one of my own grown tomatoes on my sandwich - MMMMM so good!

A lovely lovely day........ now to make blueberry cobbler for dinner with friends tonight.

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  1. I had a lovely hour to myself at the market this week too ;)