Sunday, September 11, 2011


The last week was all about the transition of life from holidays to school/work days and yesterday I spent the first of many crazy Saturdays to come rushing around from soccer to Staples for school supplies and any number of other errands.  The endless forms from school are all completed with help from Allan and I think we are pretty on top of things.

The house on the other hand is in need of attention....... I just cleaned the kitchen, multiple loads of laundry are going and I am planning the changes that need to be made to the veggie garden to clean out the end of the summer veg and plant for the fall/winter crop.

It was our goal this year to add variety to our summer crop...... which we did.  We also wanted to extend our growing season into the Fall as far as possible.  This warm September has made it perfect for the planting so I am off to buy some plants today.  I am only buying plants of things I know we will eat..... no more experiments with growing a vegetable we have no idea if we will like or not - made me a bit ill to toss the kale out today.

So last night we headed to the beach to squeeze out a last beach picnic ( I am away next weekend the and the one after that is booked solid already)...... it was lovely.......

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