Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Working from home

I am working from home today.

I have pink eye and seeing as we don't let kids with pink eye come to daycare I didn't think it was best practice that I sit in the office at the front door with my red, goopy eye!

Here are some great things about working from home!

1. I did actually get dressed but not dressed up...... no shoes on, yoga pants, no make-up........ you get the picture.  This is a particular delight for me as I have no pants that fit me at the moment. I kid you not...... people are actually commenting on how ill-fitting my clothes are.... If I see Stacy and Clinton from "What not to wear" I am running away!

2. It is soooooooooo quiet.  Almost eerie quiet.  It's the "crying season" at daycare.  All the new kids are settling in, some better than others, some with more noise than others....... I actually become deaf to the crying after a while but some days I have to close the door to the infant room and my office just to hear myself think....... but here, at home, I don't even know how to use any of the electronic gadgets that may play music so I sit in the quiet kitchen and hear only myself typing and the tick tock of the kitchen clock. (and the washing machine :)

3. No line-up for the bathroom.

4. Endless coffee..... just making my second pot..... no need to leave the kitchen....... it's not Starbucks but it's just fine!

5. Endless snacks - this is a problem seeing as I am no longer snacking...... I have to avert my eyes from the cupboards that are calling my name and taunting me with their snacky contents........ (maybe the quiet IS getting to me??).

6. I can do laundry.  Fresh sheets for all today!

7.  No phone ringing.... and when it does I have call display!!  Seriously at work I have no call display which is crazy but keeps me honest.  But the lack of a ringing phone allows for uninterrupted writing.  I am in the process of finishing up a huge document that needs to be submitted this week so it is perfect to have this day to finish it!

8. Did I mention no bathroom line-up?

9. Focused work - I only brought home the work I need to get done TODAY and so I am not distracted with other, more interesting or "fun", work on my desk....... my TO DO list will actually get done....all of it.... for today anyway..... those other tasks can wait their turn.

10.  Sitting next to the open french doors listening to the birds sing and the neighbours chat.........

I do miss my colleagues and watching little people skip up to the front door ready for the day...... but I'll take this day of quiet at home.... with my pink eye!

Bwaahahah....... "home office"
PS - I just realised it's supposed to be a Wordless Wednesday........ oh well........ ;)


  1. welcome to my world :) but somedays I think it would be a good change to work in an office one day. ...

  2. I didn't know you worked from home! I couldn't do it everyday.....enjoy your slippers.... :)