Monday, September 12, 2011

Carpe Diem

(I really have to get better at thinking of  titles for my posts...... I was on a roll for a while but now I often feel stumped - this is why I don't tweet - I don't do brief and witty ;)


At family dinner on Thursday night I declared that Allan and I would be going on a date this weekend to see the movie "The Help".  He looked surprised but its been a while since we had a date and I wanted to have a date.  Immediately both kids chimed in that they were both "owed" dates with their Dad.  David and Allan tried to see the latest HP movie but it was sold out (weeks after opening) so they still have to do that and apparently there is something Allan has promised to do with Lindsay that is also still pending. 

I wanted to assert my seniority, "top-of-the-list-ness " but secretly I am so very grateful the kids and Allan have such good and strong relationships and that they have their own special Dad things they do.  I did not resort to yelling "pick me pick me"!!

I was still hoping we'd get that date.

As it turned out the weekend filled up with "stuff".  The job Allan is doing for one of my daycare centres has turned into a bit of a beast and took both days of the weekend (can I say, again, how lucky my employer is to have an ED with such a handy spouse!).  On top of that he had university papers to write and reading to do.  David had soccer and a soccer meeting that took ages.  The kids both had lists of school supplies they needed. I worked out and cleaned house and worked on the veggie garden and ran errands.

We took the gap on Saturday night to have a big family night at the beach.  My parents are just back from a few weeks away so it was lovely to catch up..... and to be on a sunny beach in September.....and what a sunset and moonrise it was....... I love squishing my toes in the sand.....and looking out at the boats going by....... we live in a beautiful City.

So the weekend was quickly running out......... and no date.

So I decided rather than just run up to Quizno's and grab Allan a sandwich for lunch, as I had promised I would, I would pack a lovely picnic in our wicker hamper that was a wedding gift and we would have a date on the playground at Terra Nova Children's  Centre .

real plates and glasses

This hamper can tell a few stories I tell ya!

I was feeling very pleased with my idea and got everything organized and was just ready to head out of the door.

No car keys........ anywhere.........until I remembered where they were........ in Allan's truck from the night before........ ARGHHHHHH.  I felt utterly deflated.

He popped home to deliver them and said he would just grab a bite at home.  I headed him off and said I would be up at Terra Nova in half an hour.  I dashed into Steveston and got some goodies (Thank you Sweet Spot) to fill up the hamper and voila...... we had a picnic lunch..... a date...... and it was lovely.

Smoked salmon ricotta quiche, demi baguette with goat cheese

crispy, sticky, melty macroon deliciousness
I love you Allan Byres......... pick me pick me!!

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