Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Old Hat

OK I have done this back to school thing as a spouse of a teacher for almost 20 years and as a Mom for 9 years.

It should be old hat.

But today it was not.

Allan went off with little ceremony - poor guy - Teachers are not the focus of the day but he is returning to a challenging school environment with job action and an unsure future. It is so hurtful to see the rhetoric about teachers and their demands when there are so many wonderful educators who go so far above and beyond working for their students.  Most of them do not want to take any action that impacts kids.  But they do deserve a fair wage and decent working conditions.  Teachers working conditions are our kids learning conditions.

Allan is also back to being a student today after his 1 week break.....back to Langley and TWU and now 12 months from graduating (and finally being paid what a first year BC teacher makes after teaching here for 17 years).

David and I went off to Homma - his new school.  We found the Library where the "new kids" gather. Obviously there were very few kids in his Grade that were new but he looked calm and confident. The parents were summarily dismissed after 2 minutes (note to schools- parents have feelings too - a tour would have been nice for us too!).  I was SO surprised how the emotion overtook me as I walked out of that Library.  The tears just flooded - I barely made it out of the school in time to get the sunglasses on to disguise the tears.  I also realised as I walked down the boardwalk in Steveston that I was still angry about what happened at his old school.  I had a good walk, a good coffee and a little sit in the sun.  I prayed for both my kids and Allan and I felt like I got some perspective.  I blotted the tears and walked back to the school to get him.

I chatted with some familiar faces - other Homma Momma's - very comforting....and David came out looking calm and happy.  He knows which classroom he is going to tomorrow and that is a huge relief.  I look forward to meeting the teacher!

David and I got him a haircut and then had a celebratory coffee/hot choc and brownie at Rocanini.... I love that kid - he is amazing - and boy does he love chocolate!

We came home to a hair salon - three girls in a row doing each others hair, texting, watching TV, chatting about school and their classes and teachers.... it was fun to watch and listen - I even helped with the hair.....

They went of in a happy cloud and even let me snap a photo on their way out the door.  I drove them to the Mall after school for some "essentials"...... you know Mom...... "stuff" I neeeeed.  She is not a demanding child clothes wise so I don't mind her getting some "stuff".  Trooping around the Mall with 3 teenage girls and David makes me feel like Mrs Duggar...... LOL no wonder I only had 2!

I am so grateful to have this day to be with my kids.

I made them each a little project for their rooms for the school year and Allan wrote them each a note which we left them to find this morning.(Thanks RM for the quote that inspired me!)

So the new year is started.....it was a good start...may we (and you) be blessed that it continues to be a good year.

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