Thursday, September 15, 2011

Angry Birds

Every day I utter the phrase "That's impossible".

And every day - usually within a few minutes of saying it (ok maybe within an hour or two) you hear me say "YES! Take that your arrogant, grinning, black-eyed pigs".

And seconds later you once again would hear "That's impossible"

And so it goes and goes and goes........

Hello, my name is Nicky and I am addicted to Angry Birds!  (If you do not know angry birds this post is not going to make much sense).

It struck me yesterday that Angry Birds is a metaphor for life.

No really it is........

This is what Angry Birds teaches:

1. Perseverance - there is now a known injury to fingers and wrists from the repeated firing of angry birds...... people do NOT give up on killing those pigs....... they try and try and try and then when you do clear a level you go back and back and back until you have three stars..... am I right?   If we wanted to teach this generation about perseverance then this is a great way to do it....... IF we tell them that's what they are doing.... persevering......

2. Physics - everything I know about angles and force and structures falling (not to mention the effective use of explosives) I have learned from Angry Birds........ ok ...... so I don't know much about physics clearly...... and my husband is likely banging is head on the table in frustration that I am even referring to this as physics at all - Sorry Honey!

3. Building materials - I can tell you this - building with sticks is useless, ice is a little better but man when you build with stone that's the ticket!  You want to be safe - you encase yourself in stone.  Some of those pigs are clever enough to hide inside wood, ice AND stone.... little buggers.

4. Pigs are indeed green and very hard to kill. They also smile menacingly and irritatingly.  Ok so they messed with the "facts" a bit here but that encourages both critical thinking and creativity....... bonus!

5.  Practice makes perfect........ Ask a kid to practice doing something, the same thing,  over and over again and...... well.... it doesn't usually go well but with Angry Birds they will do one level over and over again and again until they GET it.  Life skills!

6. The value of time.  Nothing, ever, in my life has helped time pass as quickly as playing angry birds does.  Whole chunks of time pass swiftly  I have learned to budget my time more efficiently....... so as to have maximum time to play Angry Birds have quality time with my family.

7. Good sportsmanship - you can share your scores and track your friends on Game Centres - this builds community and camaraderie around a common goal...... of beating the pants of your younger, more tech savvy friends.........but be nice about it - don't go posting screen shots of the one day you are in the lead.......;)

So you get it right?   Angry Birds is good for you, good for the community, good for the world.......

Now please excuse me I have somewhere to be....... really I do........ gotta go!

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  1. Your post made me laugh! I have a bit of an angry birds addiction much so that I have now limited myself to once a week!