Thursday, September 8, 2011

The Rhythm of Life

That is a totally ridiculous and misleading title for my blog but it is better than "Thursday" which was the alternative......"they" always say to use a hook to get your readers so now that you are hooked read on.....

I love Thursdays........ actually I love this Thursday.... because this Thursday is normal....... ok almost normal.

This week is all about getting back to "normal", getting back into the routine, back in the flow..... the universe is slowly settling down into a predictable pattern.......well my universe is.

David has had a great start to his new school and has readily made new friends and today he biked to school and back (and no....I did not shadow him in my car or hide behind trees to watch....and the RCMP turned down my request for a motorcade flanking him all the much for my tax dollars.).  I am so proud of the way he has handled this transition.  Tomorrow he finds out who is teacher is and next week all will be normal.... for him... the new normal.....hopefully the better normal.

He also found out his soccer team and has his first game this Saturday at 8:30am!

Lindsay has had two good days at school....... well except for the math teacher who clearly hates her because she gave 10 sheets of homework on the first day. If only her drama teacher had been in the car with me during Lindsay's rant when I picked her up today she would have given her an A ........ oh the tragic life of a Grade 9 girl with a bad schedule.   I must give her credit that once the rant is over she is able to shake it off and move on and regain her usual gracious, smart, funny self.  We really don't let her take herself too seriously.  Me thinks this year is going to be a bit of a rollercoaster.

She has decided not to play league rugby (There is a God) and is excited to start at a new Musical Theatre school next week.  It is in Vancouver which will be fun as I think we will use the skytrain and go together......

Allan has settled back into the current "normal" of school life and started his new course at Trinity. 

So tonight I went back to Jazzercise which is my normal thing.  It amazes me that I still, after these many months, love going.  Only once or twice have I had to drag myself there.  I had a great workout tonight...... situation normal.

And on Thursdays I come home, dinner is on the table, we have a quick meal together and then Allan goes to the Pub with his mates (almost every Thursday for over 6 years those guys have met on Thursdays - I envied them on the patio at the Blue Canoe tonight).  I then shower for as long as I want and then normally I put on my PJ's and pour a glass of wine and watch Grey's Anatomy....... so next week will be more normal when my beloved Dr McDreamy is back.

It's not that I crave normal, really it's not. (Ok ok I do love routine and order but I am learning to be better about going with the flow and being flexible - I think I get a silver star for my spontaneity this summer) 

I just like getting back into the rhythm of life..... so there you go......celebrating the return of normal.

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