Thursday, September 22, 2011

The Dr's are in the house

I am no big TV fan as you know (although I will say here that the PVR has indeed changed how I watch TV - I have no idea how to make it work but "we" just record all our favourite shows and watch them when we want........ so there is alot of the Food Network on our PVR!) but Thursday nights have always been Greys Anatomy night.

It is also Pub Night for Allan so the kids were in bed and I had the couch and the remote to myself and I settled into Seattle Grace for an hour of escapism.

How things change........ somehow during last season Lindsay started staying up and watching with me..... and she got sucked in and she has been so excited for this season to start.  Even my argument that the 2 hour premier would keep her up too late was squashed as tomorrow is a Pro D day!

And she has made the PVR record every episode in case we miss it for some reason.

So there are two girls on the couch now..... one with snacks and one with a glass of wine......tonight I am also wearing my scrubs to celebrate the season kick-off....

It used to be "my" time but I am just as happy that it is "our" time........ 

sadly she is a Dr Jackson Avery fan (or McCreamy as we call him).....

no problem....... leaves Dr. McDreamy for me!

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