Sunday, June 5, 2011

When a day is a gift.......

Earlier this week I posted this on my Facebook status "there are days and then there are days"......... it was NOT a good day..... in fact, in all honesty, the last couple of weeks have been a bit of a slog one way or another. 

Lindsay had her very grown up birthday party last night and we had some friends over for dinner and my parents joined us for cake when the girls got home.  Lindsay's friend Maxine is here from Whistler so they have absolutely no need for parents.....they are out and about or closeted in her room "hanging out".  David is away for the weekend with the James boys on Vancouver Island.

I thin its a real sign you are getting old when you wake up before the alarm on a day you do not need an alarm at all.   But we did today so we got up and headed into Steveston early.  Surprisingly the girls came with us, I think breakfast out was a good incentive......

We had a delightful breakfast at the Cannery Cafe and headed to the Farmers and Artisans Market before it was too crowded.

We also went over to Garry Point to see the Tall Ships (and the lupines in bloom) and wandered home with bags full of food and other goodies after a coffee.  Met some ducks and my parents as we wandered home.

Our market bags held:
Local free range/no hormone beef burger patties and a beef round roast
a tub of local spot prawns
2 packages of Thai Curry sauce
A bag of mini red peppers
A bag of mixed salad greens
a cucumber
local nugget potatoes
a dozen gourmet samosas
2 packages of note cards

The spot prawns and a package of Thai curry sauce for dinner with a lovely fresh salad! YUM!

Spent the afternoon gardening and planting and pottering in the glorious sunshine.  Had a little al fresco lunch and a coffee admiring our yard and feeling very blessed.

Today was a gift....... and I am grateful........

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