Thursday, June 16, 2011

Shame on us.......

Ok so it sucked last night to lose the Stanley Cup in Game 7. Their goalie was amazing, ours not quite as amazing and our stars couldn't score....... it sucks but it was an AMAZING season, we had an amazing run - there were many amazing moments and comebacks.  Somehow today we can't remember that.

I wish that that were the end of the story. 

But as the world knows today it is not.

We wake this morning as a City either hungover and possibly facing prosecution or totally and utterly embarassed.  A few, drunk hooligans intent on causing mischief have cost us more than trophy.  They have cost millions of dollars of damage, caused bodily injury, and badly damage the reputation of our team and our City and our Nation.  Senseless and stupid. 

Pollyanna is not my middle name and I often forget to seek the silver lining when the clouds gather but I will say that on my Facebook Wall there is unanimous outrage and embarrasment and horror at the events of last night from the full spectrum of ages, ethnicities, genders....... EVERYONE is plain mad and sad.  Some people went down to help clean up today and people have written messages of support and solidarity across the plywood that is boarding up so many buildings downtown.  It is interesting to see how social media is working to out the criminals by posting photos and videos and screen shots of FB pages of idiots bragging about their misdeeds.  There is even a rally being planned although some might be wary of large gatherings downtown at the moment!

To my international friends and family we implore you to understand this is not "us", not who "we" are..... this was the work of thugs among us.

It causes me to wonder why? What sparks that behaviour?  Are these people always angry and ready to blow?  Was this organized by some anarchist underground? I certainly don't have any answers but I do wonder that if it is because these (mostly) young people have had such an easy life, lived without major conflicts like war or famine or flood that they have no real perspective on life?  Or were they deeply traumatized by events in their past that were never resolved and are easily triggered?  Or were they just drunk?

Those hooligans have mothers and fathers..... I can't imagine my own son or daughter ever being involved in behaviour like that......... but as someone pointed out  if we let kids watch UFC and play violent video games and then why do we blame them for modelling that behaviour...... good point.

Sad day....... but maybe a catalyst for some community responsibilty which may be a longer lasting achievement than winning a cup.

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