Monday, June 27, 2011


The story I tell myself is.......... that I am not in I don't sew, ice cakes, quilt, arrange flowers etc... I was at the back of the line when the crafty gene was being assigned and I got quarter rations (or maybe less!).

I have always been around crafty people.  My Mom can quilt and sew.  Allan's Mom can sew and knit and ice cakes.  Heck even Allan can ice with fondant and pretty pictures on them.......he can also do macrame but I am pretty sure that is a skill he'd rather I didn't blog about.

So moving right along..... I have learned a couple of things about being crafty.

1. Being crafty can be learned.  For instance scrap booking is like a math formula - pretty paper + photo's + cool stickers = memories recorded forever.  OK , ok.... I know that when some people do this equation it looks magnificent, like a work of art and mostly when I do it it looks like a weird mashup......but just like math (Lindsay are you listening?) one can keep practicing and keep getting better (especially if you learn your times tables....Lindsay...).

2.  Just Do It.  If you wait to be good at every crafty skill you will be 90 and have no crafty things to show for it.  Even if your early works are of dubious distinction, at least you will have them and when you pass them on to your children they will be able to joke about your early works.  Which is fine because you have all their early Mothers Day and Fathers Day projects to taunt them back with!

3. Steal other peoples good ideas.  Spend time around crafty people and learn from their brilliance.  Lurk on their blogs, read their books, go to a class.   Admit others are better at some stuff than you are and go find out what they know.

In the spirit of this I was once again inspired by the ever crafty Janice who knows I read her blog and who inspired me, a total non-baker, to make cake pops for Valentines this year.  They were a great success but I am not going to lie.....too much work for me.  Being crafty sometimes takes more time and committment than I have.

This weekend I stole was inspired to make the marshmallow pops Janice posted here......In my mind these are a genius treat - quick, easy, so lovely to look at, and virtually calorie free (ok not free exactly but not bad!).  Lindsay and I decided to make them for our sweet Sola's first birthday party and they were a hit....and we had fun being crafty....... and this little project will be repeated....I have some planned for a baby shower coming up....See, I am just a little bit crafty after all.  And here is the proof.

Fat Free Jumbo Marshmallows (try and use one that stand straight)

Multicoloured chocolate chips - genius!

Dip in candy melt of your choice and sprinkle topping on

We did pink and yellow.  Stick marshmallows on sticks
I use a styrofoam base - I wanted it to look like a garden

I added a few flowers and ladybugs and the marshmallow pops and VOILA!

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