Saturday, June 4, 2011

Birthday Parties

My friend Joyce and I have our own event planning business ( it is called EventAbility - we have a website but its awful and in need of a revamp which we need to get done.... so what I am saying is don't Google us now....wait a couple months - I know Garth website guru I know.....I will call you soon!!) so it stands to reason that planning my children's birthday parties would be no problemo!

I have so enjoyed planning everything from the invitations to the actual party, the cakes (made mostly by Joyce), the themed food, the goodie bags........ We have had some really fun ones.  I must sadly confess that these have mostly been for Lindsay.  Not because I don't love David but because his birthday is September 1 and we are usually either on holiday away from home or gearing up to go back to school.  He has had some great adventures away from home but Lindsay has definitely scored more of the home birthday parties.

Lindsay had a rock star birthday when she turned 10. Joyce made the music cake and they had a lovely dinner outside. A big gaggle of girls played rock band on the Wii and ALL "slept" over!  Lindsay made CD's with her own playlist for them to take home.

A hang-out, games, candy party when she was 11 - the kids had to roll a dice and play a game just to get in the door and then they ate candy and played games.  Joyce made the genius scrabble cake.

When she turned 12 we had an Iron Chef Party - with 2 kitchens and 3 judges and a mystery ingredient..... this was a lot of work.... but alot of fun..... they made pizza's for dinner and the dessert challenge was just barely edible in spite of talented chef mentors in each kitchen - the chocolate syrup was just too much fun!!! The judges were wary of the tasting part of their job but made much of the presentations by each kitchen.  Graham Hofs was the animated MC of Kitchen Stadium!  They decorated chefs aprons for their take home gift.

When she turned 13 we hired a make-up artist to come in and do a demo and then the girls each got a bag of make-up and had fun with that while chatting and reading fashion magazines.  I also had a cake made for her by Little Flour Cakes - it was lovely.

This year.......... no party :(........ she and 4 of her good friends are going out for dinner at the Blue Canoe restaurant in Steveston - all dressed up in pretty dresses....... no work for me...... but no less expensive mind you!!  I do feel a little sad that this chapter of my parenting may be over or at least diminishing.......I am hanging on to the tradition of gathering on our bed on the birthday morning to open presents..... I love having sleepy happy kids to cuddle.

They are coming home for Cake with us and we will enjoy having them around for a bit......

Here is my first animoto video of past birthday party photos and a few of her actual birthday last weekend that included a pedicure and a new hair do (and a kindle)............. it's too long - I have to work out some stuff in animoto.......

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