Tuesday, June 7, 2011

What a Day!

You know when the phone rings before 7am it is seldom a good thing........ unless its a relative from a different time zone....and even then......

My early morning call was that the daycare where my office is...... that beautiful, tidy new office...remember?? Yes that one........ had been broken into.

I hopped in  the car leaving Allan and the kids in my wake and was there in minutes to find the police standing in my tossed and trashed office.....why oh why do they always dump everything out of my drawers and filing cabinets??? They let me in and I gingerly stepped over the pile of smashed glass at the front door......... amazingly nothing was missing or so I thought until I got a phone call late this afternoon from a guy who had found my external hardrive in the park opposite my office. He did an amazing sleuthing job and tracked me down so he could return it to me. 

Anyway....much glass clean-up (close to a$1000 of damage) and then off to a meeting and then back to deal with securing the centre for the night tonight and hoping for the best.

It's been an emotional couple of days and I realise its these emotionally hard days that exhaust me....... not the busy days.........so after making burgers for dinner for 15 and getting everyone fed I nearly had heart failure when the doorbell rang and I found 3 teenagers telling us two of the little peeps had escaped the backyard and had run across the big busy street out front of our house.  I didn't even thank them as I ran to the backyard to make sure the kids were ok......... and when I looked for them after they were gone.   There were some tears but mostly huge gratitude for the angels that kept the 2 year olds safe on the road....

So two anonymous good deeds by strangers in a day that otherwise sucked.......

Thank you strangers - may you know your good deeds made someones day and may someone help you out when you need it.

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