Monday, June 13, 2011


There have been times in my life when I have felt alone.  Had to face something deeply personal and done it alone.  Of course I wasn't physically alone but you can feel very alone even in a crowd.

Last night when I posted my blog I was sitting in my livingroom with the lights off having a quiet, little, alone weep. But the blog world and the Facebook world reached out in an incredible way and SO many people sent messages and notes of support and solidarity....... in fact....... it ended up being the highest read post of all time on my blog.  I don't really understand the mechanics of that and I don't need to.

What I do know is that I did not and do not feel alone in this hard spot in my life and I want to thank you all for reaching out - It means more to me than I could truly convey in words. If cyber-hugs are a "thing" then consider yourself hugged!  A special shout-out to the South Arm Out-Of-School Care staff who wrote David such encouraging and thoughtful notes today - your words meant the world to him and to us!

Things are falling into place - I had lots of good conversations with various people today and we made some good decisions.  This week is sorted out and I am sure the next two weeks will sort themselves out in terms of care for David. We will get through this tough spot but you made it alot easier with your love and kindness.

Now if the Canucks could win Game 7 at home on Wednesday the week would really look up!

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