Sunday, June 26, 2011

A full nest

I have had a very relaxing weekend.......just what I needed.

On Friday night Allan and I went out for a bite of dinner and then to a movie.  I honestly cannot remember when we last went to a movie together and today we decided we want to do that more often.  We saw "Bridesmaids" which was very irreverent but very funny - I laughed until I cried.....again....just what I needed.

On Saturday Lindsay made us breakfast and then she and I ran some errands and came home and did some creative projects (more about those tomorrow) and then I made us all a nice dinner.

This morning Allan and I were on Nursery duty together and then we came home while Lindsay stayed for a BBQ at church.  We did some stuff around the garden and David "facetimed" us and we had a great chat with him.  He is having a ball in Anchorage and is seemingly just fine without me. 

Al and I sat down in the glorious sunshine to have some brunch and I remarked that while it was nice to have all this freedom from parenting and all this time together I was really not ready for it. I completely surprised myself by getting totally choked up realizing that I am in no hurry to grow my kids up and out of the house.  I had this overwhelming feeling of needing to hang on to all the precious moments we have with them. 

We had our kids relatively young and I am not going to lie and say we don't think about things we want to do when they are grown-up.  And I won't lie that there weren't times I would have killed for even a few hours of freedom or a vacation from parenting.  I don't miss the baby stage - it was not my strength (thankfully Allan rocked it - literally) and I am SO enjoying my kids now.  I don't want it to stay like this forever but I guess I am missing my boy and reveling in having my girl to myself and I feel so grateful to not only love my kids to bits but to really like being with them.

I am already looking forward to throwing my arms around David in a just a bit under two weeks and I know he won't mind a bit........and the next day Lindsay will go off to Camp for a week without a backwards glance but I have several text messages from her that say "I love you Mama" and I will never delete those from my phone or from my heart.

To two of the best kids in the world - I love you to the moon and back 50 bazillion times.

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