Tuesday, June 28, 2011

No Quack

My family Dr. sent me to see a pain management specialist because my arm (that I broke in 5 place 6 years ago) still gives me lots of pain and is not as mobile or flexible as I think it could/should be.

I am pretty tired of dealing with this arm....who knew a simple stumble on the stairs could be this life altering..... seriously.......3 surgeries later and months and months of hand physio.....ENOUGH ALREADY.

Anyway Dr. Joy was pretty insistent I go to this specialist Dr. King.  She made a throw away comment about him being semi-retied and a bit unorthodox.  I got the distinct impression she was downplaying her description.

So of course when I got home I googled the Dr. King and was mildly alarmed by the comments on "Rate your MD"....... two fair but two pretty negative if not scary.  His "office" is in garage off a laneway in Vancouver and his wife is the office person and apparently a bit of a battle axe.

So I was only half joking when I left the address and name of the Dr. with my colleague Linda and told her if I wasn't back by 1pm to send the cops. 

Well.....the battleaxe wasn't too crotchety although I do see that if provoked she could be...... a bit bossy and brusque.  The office is a lovely renovation of a garage and very well done so I was feeling much better.

Dr. King is a lovely man in his 70's I would guess.  He asked alot of questions.  Took alot of notes and then looked at my arm.  And then in 20 minutes, with a couple of manipulations (which he has taught me to do myself) he released the muscles in my arm that have been in spasm for over 5 years. 

I could not believe it.  My arm feels totally different (and totally exhausted). And of course the spasm returned but I now know how to make it go away.

He calls what he does "Active release" and he basically retrains the muscle to contract and release to do its work.  But seeing as the muscles have been contracted for so many years they have lost their memory and strength so it will be a slow process but it can be done. He showed me a text book and explained the anatomy of my forearm and how every muscle group attaches and then how to do the exercises to retrain the muscle and rebuild the strength.

How refreshing to see a Dr. who clearly deeply understands this "thing" and empowers his patient to do the therapy herself and has no need for dozens of follow-up appointments.  He did say I shouldn't use it to much until it strengthens but he and I both knew I was going to have to use it a bit but no weights in Jazzercise for  a couple months and no yoga planks (oh how I will miss those.....NOT).

Anyway.... my arm feels light and flexible and I feel optimistic this will work......and I am grateful for my medical care!   Thank you Dr. Henry King!

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