Friday, June 24, 2011

Veggie Garden Update

Back in May we were a little despairing that we would ever see the sun and wondering if our veggie garden version 2011 was doomed.  This post with it's genius title told a soggy tale.  Well...... things have improved somewhat and it is amazing what a little sun and few degrees warmer soil can produce!!

The tomato plants are growing like weeds as are the potatoes and the romaine lettuce, peas, peppers and squash are looking good.....

Potatoes in tire tubes - Tire #3 will go this weekend
 We also had our first sweet strawberries from our hanging strawberry plant!  David will be sorry to have missed it!

So while it feels like Summer is coming and going in little spurts the veggies seems to be in the groove and growing.  We are looking forward to the bounty.

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