Thursday, June 2, 2011

Weather Woes

I know I know..... who really wants to talk about the weather....right?  Except we do...... all the time.  I counted all the weather related status updates on my FB news feed last week........42.......... and most of it is boring weather (except for you Hyacinte, your prairie weather is insane). 

In South Africa (back in the day) phone calls cost money, even local ones. Here in Canada local calling is free.  My Grandpa Richardson lived across the country from us and he detested wasting money on idle chit chat and if you ever asked about the weather he would say "hang up" and then he would do just that.  Then if I wanted to chat more I would have to call back on my dime!

But here in the north the weather is much more of a topic in everyday conversation.  But then the weather does also vary so much with each distinct season.   In fact, it is this current lack of distinction between an abnormally wet Spring and a much anticipated sunny Summer that has some of us a bit cranky, if not downright depressed!

So I have this fabulous new vista from my desk - a beautiful park right opposite.  Occasionally a duck or two waddle by or a bunny hops by (SO many baby bunnies at the moment :0).... it's lovely. 

But today its pouring rain....again.... and this giant puddle forms right out front of the centre as soon as the rain comes.  It has a large child magnet just under the surface because almost every child coming in the door this morning wanted to jump in that giant puddle.  Most of them did not have boots on.  Some of them had quick-witted and quick-footed parents who averted the foot soaking.  It made me smile to see the glee on the faces of those who evaded parental voices and hands and splashed right through the puddle.  I hid my enjoyment from the exasperated parents.  I am pretty sure we've used up all the extra socks in the building today.

  "They" tell me it is going to be sunny AND warm this weekend ........ and I can't wait... and I am sure it will move many to comment on their FB status about how lovely it is......... and then we will be back to the Canucks updates........ which is a great diversion from the weather.

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