Sunday, June 19, 2011

Father's Day

Happy Father's day to my Dad David and to my husband Allan - two men who are great Fathers!  And to my Dad for being a wonderful Papa to my kids too.

Our eldest Lindsay is remarkably like her Dad.... and with David away it makes it all the more obvious just how alike they are....Allan has long seen himself in Lindsay and often worried it would be a source of friction between them (the stubborn streak, the quick mouth, the dry wit) but in truth it is bringing them closer.  Lindsay now also experiences high school which is Allan's work world and that is a great common connection. And now they are also both into woodwork and plan to build a kayak for Lindsay together this summer.  And they adore one another and make one another laugh...... it makes my heart really grateful to see two of my favourite people love and enjoy each other so much.  I do believe that this will see them through the inevitable bumping of willls in the future.

And while we totally miss our boy we are enjoying having this time with our girl.

On the spur of the moment we headed to the DTES (Downtown East Side) of Vancouver to a tiny little restaurant I had recently discovered online called  Two Chefs and a Table.  What a charming find, a beautiful room with an open kitchen, old architecture with modern decor and a delicious breakfast.  I bought Allan a Father's Day gift of a cooking class with these chefs and he is excited to be going to "Sausage Making 101" and I am excited about the 8lbs of sausages he gets to bring home!


We drove around the area a bit and found Portside Park and Crab Park which would be great spots for a picnic in the sun with an amazing view of the North Shore.  It is always fun to find a new spot in your City!

Not the fanciest but the most "interesting"
Came home via IKEA where we bumped into my parents!!!
And the Steveston Show and Shine Car Show which was a nice wander.

I should be marking but I am still fighting this bug so am off to rest perchance to nap before dinner with the Dad's at Sabatino's in White Rock tonight!

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