Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Poverty III

My great thanks to all who responded with ways you give and places you think worthy of giving. I have had some interesting online and in person chats with people about this series and I think we all agree that Poverty is a BIG problem that overwhelms us all at times. It is truly hard to get our heads around issues in far places in cultures we know nothing about, to understand the global economics that is at play.....but no one I dialogued with wants to ignore any of it either.

I think the "Think Global, Act Local" slogan is a great place to start. For me it's like the whole eat local / organic issue - I do what I can but don't beat myself up that I can't grow watermelons in Richmond..... some things are doable in my backyard and others not.

Same with poverty and my response. I may be moved / convicted to give globally when I can and I will try and do that in the most responsible way I can. But I can act locally. Fellow blogger Janice gave these great thoughts:
I do believe though that small local actions contribute to a greater good overall and can bring awareness...whether it's making special snack bags for the local food back to distribute to children (I've been doing this with my own and my son's classes for years), making scarves to hand out to shelters in the winter or participate in local fundraisers or walks like the Steveston walk to support a community in Japan after the tsunami.
As parents of children in a privileged society, I think we have a responsibility to our children to teach the importance of "doing".
My Dad also sent me this link to the Richmond Poverty Response Committee doing excellent work in Richmond.  They also have an affordable housing committee.  

He also pointed out a Beyond Homelessness Forum happening later this Fall which might be instructive.  

I have worked with the Richmond Foodbank  on several occasions.  Ask them for the list of things they need most - it may surprise you!  It's a great place to take your kids when you drop off the food too - they are very friendly.

So there are ways to be doing locally.  

I also think that sometimes a group or organisation just grabs your heart and that is also a good place to give time and energy and resources.......

My friend Rosie is an avid cyclist and she wrote this:
consider also World Bicycle Relief, they give bicycles to school kids and community health care workers, so that kids can get to school and better themselves and so that communities get access to some basic healthcare, they also work with local people to train bike mechanics etc to ensure self sustainability.
 For me there are two that I follow closely:

Show Hope a movement to care for orphans - started by musician Steven Curtis Chapman...... it has caused me to think long and hard about adoption recently.  I appreciate the work they do to find "forever families" for orphans and for the care they give those waiting and/or with special needs at Maria's Big House of Hope in China.

Heartline Ministries in Haiti does amazing, on the ground, life-changing work with young mothers and women in desperate poverty.  I follow their stories through this blog which is worth a read anytime.

So that is a wrap on Poverty for a while...... thanks for listening and responding...... I appreciate all your ideas and thoughts....... Let's change the world together ok!

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