Thursday, August 18, 2011


I took this photo of my boys today after I dropped them off their lunch.  They are working together on replacing a deck at one of the daycares.

I am so grateful Allan can do these jobs for the daycares.  Not only can I trust him, he has all the skills to do them and we work well together....although he sometimes finds the whole daycare regulations a bit overbearing.....but he doesn't argue!  He understands the constraints of keeping everyone safe while the work goes on and knows the golden rule..... If you wake the kids during nap time YOU have to put them back to sleep...... this scares off most trades but not Allan.  Phew!

This week he asked our son David to be his construction helper.

David is loving being useful and helpful - he has the heart of a helper....always willing to pitch in with whatever is needed.  My Mom was telling me he never lets her carry bags from her car to their apartment.... and he always helps out with the little peeps who are often at our house.   He rarely complains about his household chores although he is maybe not as attentive to them as I might prefer.....but I shouldn't complain!

More than being helpful this week and feeling proud to be hanging out with his Dad, he is also learning lots of things about wood, about building, about math and angles and safety.  He is such a curious guy and so observant and always with the million questions.  He is SO lucky that not only is his Dad a great carpenter but he is also a great (and patient) teacher.  Allan doesn't get fussed if it takes him a bit longer to get the job done if it means he gets to teach David something.  He never misses a moment to teach either.... gently. 

I watched them for a few minutes today and knew that not only is the daycare getting a great new deck but my son is making wonderful memories with his Dad and my husband is teaching and guiding our son so very well.

Made me teary....and grateful.

I love you guys!

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