Thursday, August 4, 2011

lists and LISTS

I know we have spoken of my love for lists in the past and I even admitted I add things to the list that I have already done and then check them off's a motivational strategy........totally legit.

My admission for this post is that the TO DO list that is written and public is roughly half of the list that is in my head.  I am also going to go ahead and admit I think this is a female thing (please someone tell me if it is not so).

Why not write the whole list?  Because I don't have time..... I have a long TO DO list already......stay with me!!!!

Maybe this is best to show by current example.

TO DO List (first week of Aug 2011)

Written on List
Get kids ready for Camp

What it really means
Get David outfits for each "Epic Era" of Camp - Go to Value Village and source Back to the Future / Roman / 50's
Take photo of Michael J Fox in Back to the Future to ensure accuracy of costume
Check David actually know where the wild west stuff is at home
make sure laundry is done
figure out bags for packing
find sleeping bags and other bedding
Check they have toiletries - give sunscreen lecture AGAIN
Check they have flashlights AND batteries
Check they are NOT taking any e-devices / phones - put them somewhere safe
Check boat times for drop off
Don't forget we are driving a friend to the boat
Ensure children know they are loved and cared for and will be missed
Ensure Enforce acceptable bedroom clean-up before they leave
Send extra garbage bags and tinfoil to camp - I have no idea why but I always do and they always use them.
Make last ditch desperate visit to 50th dollar store in hopes of finding medieval shield - SCORE!

You get the picture - the list has the action item - the brain has a bazillion trust me when I tell you when I check something off my list it is NO.SMALL.THING - it is a triumph actually, of my brains ability to hold all these things inside my skull..... Imagine if my written list has 20 things on it - each of them actually representing 10-20 other items.....'s a big number!

Not only am I packing them off to Camp but I am also heading out on a small trip myself (with a friend) so I have to pack too....and given recent suitcase-related events I am slightly paranoid about it......which reminds me - I must clean out the car, vacuum it, get it washed, pack a cooler with a tablecloth and picnic stuff in case we need it, corkscrew, remember the TomTom and look up lunch places, make sure LL has the hotel reservations, check LL's flights, get my passport out, leave Allan numbers of places I will be, do laundry, find phone charger and pack camera battery charger, clothes, toiletries..........

Gotta go - stuff to do!

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