Saturday, August 6, 2011

Virgins No More

They survived......did it in under an very muddy.  Warriors are crazy people.

It was super hot - we all got too much sun.  I rode in my first gondola. Penelope was an angel. 

Tired...... the rest in photos.

We saw some crazy costumes!!

He had an actual banana in his pants
Superhero Team
And a Smurf!

Gondola up the mountain to the start


Of Course

Warriors are born

timing chip and free beer token - genius!

This photo does No justice to how steep and how long the initial run was

a mud pool and barbed wire.....YUK

Allan and Graham approach the mud

Allan powers through

Made it!

Grahams final dash to glory!

The hose off area

Warriors leave their muddied shoes behind which are then cleaned and donated

Well Done Warriors

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