Saturday, August 20, 2011

Backyard Bounty

Today was the first totally free Saturday we have had in ages and the veggie garden was woefully in need of our attention.

After a slow start with the wet and rainy spring we have managed a reasonable harvests so far.  Our 5 romaine plants yielded close to 20 ceasar salads before they went to seed and were yanked about a week ago.  Our butter and green leaf and curly leaf lettuces are still going strong.  The carrots, celery, onions and leeks as well as the squash are all still growing well.  The kale is out of control and we really are a bit clueless about what to do with it - I don't think any of us really like it!   The peppers look like they are a bust!  And the tomatoes are growing redder everyday although we have fewer than we hoped of those too.

Both our peas and our potatoes seemed to have some disease..... the peas got kind of dusty and something was eating the potato plants!  So we decided to take apart the tire tower today and see what was what.......

It didn't look good for a while but then we found one!

All in all we harvested about 5 lbs of potatoes  - some tiny and some pretty big...... but only the bottom tire yielded anything so we need to figure out what, if anything, we did wrong.  I read that in the commercial potato growing world there is "blight" so maybe we suffered the same fate?

I also harvested the 3 biggest beets and the very last of the peas........ so am now going to roast the beets for  a roast beet and goat cheese dish and roast the new potatoes too with some grilled chicken and TJ's corn bread...... a lovely summer meal that we grew some of!

And then to Garry Point to dig my toes in the sand and watch the sun set on this the hottest day of summer so far...... so lovely......

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