Thursday, September 20, 2012

Surprise Sunrise

It's no surprise that the sun rose today.

What is surprising is that it is the 20th of September and we are still enjoying incredible summery sunshine.

The last few days my fellow commuters and I traveling east have been sunburning our retinas as we attempt to drive into the ball of fire.......we sit up tall to get maximum use of our visors, sunglasses on, wipers going.....some people pull off until their windows clear.....its cool and crisp and the sun is right in your face at 7:10am.

This morning I did my usual u-turn outside my house and saw this
A layer of fog was filtering the sun......So I pulled over, called my family on the phone so they could run out and see it too....and then ran into the middle of the street to get a better shot (it's a quiet street).
And then I set off for was hard to take my eyes off the amazing sun......
At this point I decided it was going  to be worth it to start work 15 minutes later and turn right instead of left and experience this foggy sunrise.......OH MY WORD......... What a blessing, what a sight!  I hope you enjoy these photos (click on them to get a better look) as much as I enjoyed taking them and breathing in the cool moist air and feeling lucky to be

I was hoping this tractor driver could see the amazing sunrise behind him

By the time I turned for work a few minutes later the light was already diffusing and washed out - this is the same spot a few minutes later
And by the time I got to work the fog was so think I couldn't even see the sun.


  1. Wow - great NIcky - can we co-opt some for St Matthew's powerpoint? Fi

  2. Thanks Fi - of course -can you take them off the blog or do you want me to email them?

  3. Hi Nicky B! Could I use one of your sunrise wallpapers as a promotional picture for a project of my club? These pictures are great!! :)

    1. Thanks for asking Rohan - What is your club?

    2. My club is called 'Connect', virtually an educational organization that will try to approach kids through diff. learning techniques and practices.

    3. That sounds like a very worthy club and I'd be happy for you to use my photo. Best wishes for success.