Friday, August 5, 2011

For we are....Warriors?

Tomorrow after we drop the kids off for the boat to Anvil Island for Camp 6 for a week,  we are headed to Whistler with our good friends the Hofs Family.

You might think this was a perfectly normal thing to do on a sunny Saturday in Summer.

It will be.... for Laura and Penelope and I - we will wander around the scenic village, have coffee, go for a walk, do a little window shopping, look at the mountain views .... like normal people would.

And while we wander....... our slightly insane spouses will be doing "The Warrior Dash".

 The race organisers themselves call it 3.07 hellish miles.  And what do you get?

Warrior Dash

  1. Free beer*
  2. Fuzzy Warrior helmet
  3. Bad-ass Warrior Dash t-shirt
  4. Custom Warrior Dash finisher medal
  5. Live music
  6. Post-race snack and water ( WHEN water is listed as an incentive it might be a clue)
  7. Warrior Dash race bib
  8. The pride that comes along with being a Warrior
 I am not making this up - it is a real event - the truth is all here.  They even have the Warrior types listed!

Warrior Dash

You are the Virgin Warrior - you own a set of dumbbells, but they are currently being used as doorstops and paperweights. You’d like to be more active, but thinking about it makes you tired and your TV schedule just won’t allow it. The only thing getting you through this 3 mile obstacle course, Is the thought of a cold beer and turkey leg waiting for you at the finish line. You don’t want to win the Warrior Dash - you just want to finish.

How did our husbands get caught up in this madness?  I hesitate to answer this question as I may, in some small part, be implicated but really adult men make their own decisions about what they will or won't do......and apparently Allan and Graham will don their fuzzy viking helmets and set out for their dash with equal parts excitement and trepidation - and the photo of that will be worth the drive for Laura and I.

With any luck they will survive the fire jumping, mud crawling, wall scaling with all their bones and joints intact and will be sufficiently able to be hosed off for the trip home......should be an interesting day!

If you feel inclined to pray for them please do, although I am not sure what an Angel would have had to do to get assigned to be a Guardian to these two tomorrow!

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