Saturday, August 27, 2011

Open Door

I know you think I am away in Portland........ Surprise......we leave tomorrow!  Yesterday was just a preview of what we are planning to do!  Good thing too because we got a couple of excellent tips from fellow Oregon lovers in blog land!  Thanks!

We needed to be in town today to get some "stuff" done that the work week did not allow for.  Allan is doing a project at Terra Nova Children's Centre and we wanted to get it painted today - brown paint, like melted chocolate. Of course!

I also wanted to get my toes painted. Do some birthday shopping for Mr D and change some money.  Also last minute other stuff.

So I got up early and had a great workout which set the day on a fast pace.  So things are nicely on track.

One of the fun things this summer has been Lindsay and her friends.  SO great to see her developing strong peer relationships.  I never know when I come home how many girls will be around (happy its just girls for now :) and how many will be staying for dinner.  I have learned to be pretty low key and flex and Lindsay has been respectful and helpful.  I always wanted to have the house that the kids would hang out at and so the door is always open.

Today one of her friends is having a tough day dealing with a tough family situation.  Lindsay and another friend, despite their concern about it being awkward, walked into the village, got some flowers and went to be with their friend.  They are really such nice girls.

I am trying to pack, and we are on an official "eat down"....... that is when you buy nothing for a couple days before you leave town and eat whatever you have on hand, especially in the fridge.  By the night before you leave it is often down to some funky combo's.   Lindsay texted to ask if the 2 friend could join us for dinner......I warned them about the aforementioned funky combo's but they were game and wandered home giant slurpees in hand (Ewww - what do they like about those things!).

So despite the eat down I am off to get buns for burgers and chips.  Yoghurt and italian sausages is just too funky a combo to foist on others.

But I love hearing their laughter outside and the way they are friends to one another..... so it will be a full table for dinner and we will still get the packing done....... or be up late!

Totally worth having the Open Door!

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