Friday, August 12, 2011


OK OK I know that is an ambiguous title and if you need to make a joke about wind/gas/toots/farts then please do so now and let me get on with this post.  I have an 11 year old son - I have heard them all before.

Over the past few days in almost every place we have been it has been very windy........In the high mountains on the leeward side of the Cascade mountains the wind was warm and dry.

I love the feel of that warm dry air on my skin.

I love to hear it whistling through the tall trees - you can hear it coming for miles......I love that a natural sound can drown out all the digital noise of our world.....

When we were on top of the mountains in Winthrop the wind was howling - people had to come in off the deck because their dinner was blowing away.....the windows of our room rattled in the night.  I loved feeling warm and cozy under the covers as the wind swirled around the lodge.

The next day as we drove through the mountains towards the coast the wind was howling up the gorges and as we stepped out of the car I could feel the wind was not only cooler but there was a hint of the sea, many miles away, in the scent of the wind. 

I watched eagles dip and soar above the lake on unseen currents.  I wished to be them for a few moments....held aloft by moving air....... (I am sure my Physicist husband would have a more scientific explanation but mine is more poetic).

I find wind fascinating - an unseen, or hard to see, force of nature - it both excites me and scares me and, in some ways, also calms me.

I love to lean into the wind and feel anchored to the earth. 

We have seen the destruction wind can cause in recent years in Vancouver when hundreds of trees came down in one night.  I have lain in bed on long dark winters nights praying the roof would not be lifted off the house and pretty much everyone in this part of the world has had their umbrella blown inside out at least one!

It is hard to capture wind on camera but these photos show something of the wind and its force.......

Stripped bare by wind

Whole tree trunks twisted by the wind

These trees look one sided in a strong easterly
OK one wind joke.....

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