Monday, August 29, 2011


We had a lovely trip down to Portland.  We left Richmond just as dawn was breaking  - it was so pretty with the sun tinting the sky purple and pink and the mist clinging to the fields......

The border was no problem and we made it to Bellingham in time to be among the first customers for breakfast at Avenue Bread on James St.   Yummo!

We then powered down the I5 through Washington and into Oregon, bypassing Portland and heading directly to the Woodburn Company Stores Outlet Mall.  Us and 2 million other back to school shoppers!  We did very well - and by we I mean Allan and the kids..... man .... we pay toooooo much for shoes in Canada!

After exhausting ourselves shopping with the masses in 32 degree heat we headed back north to Portland.  We had told the kids we had some crappy hotel in Beaverton so when we pulled up in front of the Embassy Suites in downtown Portland - the hotel they (and we ) love, they were so excited and very pleased.  It was fun to have pulled this little prank on them :).

This, of course, meant that half a block away was Habibi Lebanese food and we dined there again and again had an incredible meal of lamb and Hummus.......we had tried to re-create this meal back home after the last time we were here but in being there again we realised we failed..... we will redouble our efforts at home this Fall......we cannot afford to drive to Portland for good, silky, smooth hummus!

A lovely walk along the Willamette River in this City of Bridges before retiring to our lovely and large suite.

Today despite the weather prediction to the contrary it was mizzly and cool so instead of walking to OMSI we drove.  The Oregon Museum of Science and Industry was AMAZING and we had a very fun morning exploring Narnia and Physics together!  The boys went on the submarine tour and Lindsay and I went for a walk along the river in clearing weather.

A quick lunch at a coffee shop and then we drove across town to Washington Park and the Rose Garden!  Amazing array of roses of every hue ...... truly incredible and high above Portland the views were amazing back towards the City.

We then drove back through the Alphabet District to the Pearl District which is an amazingly well re-developed area of the City with trendy homes, boutiques, home decor stores and antique/vintage stores - we had so much fun poking in and out of various stores that we ran out of time and energy for Powells (which we will do tomorrow) and retreated to the hotel via Voodoo Donuts (with no line-up).

After a brief rest and downloading the camera's we headed out to Podnah's BBQ Pit - a stop we learned of through the TV show Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives. (Thanks Janice K for the hint about the lack of a sign).  We had incredible ribs and pulled pork and finally remembered that 2 American meals feeds our family of 4 very well.

Now back at the hotel - too full and weary but happy.  A hot tub and bed is all that is left to accomplish today ...... aaaaahhhh vacation!

Having great family times, chats, laughs.... feeling blessed! 

I would love to post photos but I am `borrowing` this connection from somewhere so I will post photos later.

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