Friday, August 26, 2011


 P is for Powells Books  - From humble storefront beginnings in 1971 on a derelict corner of northwest Portland, Oregon, Powell's Books has grown into one of the world's great bookstores, with five locations in the Portland metropolitan area, and one of the book world's most successful dot-coms (, serving customers worldwide.

Oregon Museum of Science and Industry.  Super excited so see the Chronicles of Narnia exhibit on now.... we love Oregon.....
 is for RETAIL ...Oh YES!!!  Tax free shopping at the giant Woodburn Company Stores Outlet Mall.

Back-to-school shopping just might be fun.......hang on.....what about me???  Oh let's be honest my shopping patience will be all used up getting the kids and Allan sorted for school......and I don't really need anything.....except maybe shoes...... :)
 is for Trader Joes - we'll be snacking and shopping from Bellingham to Portland ........ and back.......pretty sure a bottle or two of "beverage" will be sampled too.

And when that does not suffice we will find the famous Portland Food Carts and we will feast!
 is for Lindsays love of Lebanese Food which will be indulged at our Portland "must do" Habibi's ........ it's not just Lindsay who loves it..... :)
 is for adventure which we hope to fact we will seek adventure.  We will drive new roads and go new places and try new things.......
 is for Nicky getting some space and downtime with her beloved family.  With camera in hand and journal at the ready I will revel in every moment of being on this vacation.
As devoted followers of Guy Fieri's TV Show "Diner's Drive-In's and Dives" (which is filming in Vancouver today!)
David did the research and we will be going to Podnah's BBQ Pit! We are going to eat good BBQ.  Yes we are!  And we plan to have a good old fashioned milkshake at Blueplate Diner
And Donuts.....Voodoo Doughnuts....... I wonder what David will pick this time?

Super excited for the break and for the trip......I will try and blog when I can....... and if not.....see you again soon! 


  1. hey Nicky-
    We went to Podnah's on our way down (on the way to Woodburn actually!). We had pulled pork, brisket and ribs. They didn't have a sign out front so we drove past it the first time. Have a great trip!

  2. Thanks for the tip - and for the blueberry bran muffin recipe - breakfast is cooling as we speak!