Sunday, August 14, 2011


It's that time in a vacation....... the night before reality comes crashing in.....the return to work and reports and resumes and obligations.

As I look back on the past week many things come to mind.  I drove over 1400kms through some of the most unbelievable landscapes, diverse landscapes.....with an old many experiences to recall and enjoy.

But also a bit of a blur - we packed more into 6 days than we probably should have for either of us to end this vacation feeling rested.  I know we are both tired going back to work.

And yet there were, for me, so many moments that were good for my soul.  Those moments that will carry me through the busy days ahead.  The photos of which will help me to remember those good, calm, soul-filling moments.

The absolute highlight of these moments for me was Rainy Lake.  After walking for a mile through dappled forest and passing 2 rushing waterfalls we came to the lake.  We turned off just before the view point and found a tree fallen into the lake that we could walk along.  It was as though we were standing in the lake.....

And the view, the vista was from the TV set of LOST.....from a postcard.....I literally could not believe my eyes.  It was so untouched, so virgin, so pure.  It was like standing at the bottom of a bowl, looking up at the towering mountains all around.  And you could look down into the lake forever and see wood that is hundreds of years old and see fish many feet below.....

I felt awed by what my eyes were seeing.  And my heart was SO see and be in this incredible place....I wanted to drink it in, let it seep into my skin so it could be part of me........ (If it sounds like I am tripping out I apologise but it was a profound moment for me and my words are not match for how I felt......).

I almost didn't want to photograph it - it felt impossible, almost intrusive, to "capture" it in a digital image - and the photos, though amazing, are only one part of the story (maybe even a poor reflection of the reality).  The sound of the waterfall in the distance echoing as it fell into the lake, the sound of the breeze in the trees, the sound of birds and mosquitoes....and the smell of vegetation and trees and damp and snow......

I feel blessed to have been there.  It felt like a rare moment.  I think it was.

I sang this old song from my Sunday School Days as I stood there....
How big is God? How big and wide His vast domain
To try and tell, these lips can only start
He's big enough to rule His mighty universe
Yet small enough to live within my heart

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