Thursday, March 31, 2011


I know you have seen a two year old in the full throws of a tantrum, fists clenched and head thrown back and that moment of silence right before a full blooded scream issues forth.........

Have you ever wished, as an adult, that you could do that very same thing?

On Sunday night and Monday morning I wished to do it (and maybe add some foot stomping) several times. I know how utterly immature/crazy/silly it would have looked but I have a feeling it would have felt GREAT for a moment or two to just let it all out! (I happened to bump into my therapist on Monday morning and he was crazy enough to ask me how I was which I have warned him not to idly ask.... when I told him I was on the verge of a meltdown.....his suggestion.... Go for it!! He is a GREAT therapist and I listen to about 75% of his advice :)

As you all know I went to Alaska for a week.....came back for a week which turned into a week from Hell at work.  SO many crazy issues to deal with and then get everything on track so I could leave again for Spring Break.  Bad timing on my part for sure but that was the way the cookie crumbled.   On top of work I have 2 conferences registering full tilt at the moment and y'all know how I feel about that (refresher here)..... and I had marking from my college teaching and student practicum reports to write and file...... so I was totally overwhelmed.... mostly of my own making!  We headed to Oregon and I was off line for a week which was great but put me so far behind.....

I had a pit in my stomach on Sunday as I scrambled to catch up on marking and registration which I managed but as I crept out of a dark house on Monday (my kids and Al are still on vacation) and it was pouring rain and I was feeling super sorry for myself..

And if my office wasn't at the front door and with a full glass wall looking into the hallway..... I may just have thrown back my head and scared my staff and some small children to death :)  

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