Friday, April 1, 2011

Fooling Around........

April Fools Day 2009 my staff did this........  Last year passed in a blur...... this year I had to do something.

There are so many options!!  But late last night I came back to the centre where my office is and with my two trusty helpers we removed and hid all the children's chairs....... all 120 of them... it was quite a feat and we had to be very creative about where we hid them.... we knew they would find some quite easily so we hid one or two from each room in very obscure spots.  We also changed every clock in the daycare one hour ahead.  The cleaner watched us very bemused and my attempts to explain April Fools Day to her were in vain.... she just smiled sweetly but I could tell she thought we were lunatics.

I delayed coming in by a few minutes today so I wouldn't be set upon...... I wasn't here 2 minutes when a very irate staff stomped into my office demanding to know the whereabouts of her chairs - I tried to look confused and bemused but her indignation was hilarious and I burst out laughing. However I did not divulge the whereabouts of her chairs and it took them until 10:30am to find them all.

More than one parent looked up at the clock at the sign in desk and freaked right out thinking they were an hour late for work.... and one staff is still not speaking to me because she thought she was late for work.

After the week we've had it was good to have a few laughs........

Now courtesy of the King of April 1st - my friend,  Mr. Nick Fruhling -  a couple links to make you smile

Number 1

Number 2   Can I just say how much I wish this were true.........

Number 3  This is the best one........ a good laugh......

Number 4 - don't blame Nick for this one, I found this all on my own - I know - it's bad!!

If someone "got" you or you "got" someone - I hope you had a good chuckle today.

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