Saturday, March 19, 2011


I might have got away with making no lists when it was just me going to Anchorage but traveling with all 4 of us for a week especially when 5 of those days involve self-catering for 9 of us, there is no way it can be done without lists. (In my world at least!)

And really, what is more satisfying than crossing things off the list.  Sometime I do something, add it to the list and then cross it off... I know this sounds a bit ridiculous but it makes me happy.

We have actually had a fairly slow and quiet family day getting ready which is nice but is now making me wonder what we have forgotten to do or get??

The washing machine and dryer have been working overtime and there are more clean clothes in this house at this moment than for the last several weeks I am sure!

We managed to get all the recycling done and taken to the depot.  David did all the work and so he negotiated with his Dad to keep the money.  I am just happy it is out of the laundry room!

We also all went to the Library where Allan and Lindsay paid their late fines and we all got books.  My mom took the kids book shopping yesterday but they felt they needed a more plentiful supply with long car rides and rainy weather ahead. And really can you ever have too many books?

We failed in our attempt to get and install a new stereo system in the Truck.  We spent our Christmas Best Buy cards on the stereo but no one in Richmond had the dash kit and harness to install it so we'll take it with us and hope that we can get one in Portland.   We'll just have to sing all the way there....... just kidding!!

So while its tempting to sit and watch the Vancouver WhiteCaps win their first MLS game (in the sunshine!!) I best get back to the lists.

Happy Spring Break my blog friends......... my posts will be intermittent for a week or so.

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