Monday, March 7, 2011

Of nieces and nephews.......

My sister Jill and her husband Russell have 6 beautiful children....
Amy will be 12 this week, Joshua, Jonathan, Erin, Michael and Zebedelia........ and........ Oh yes!!! One more to come.

It is quite something to be in the midst of this busy family that is crazy and chaotic at the same time as being organized and cooperative.  There is always a friend to play with.   The noise level can be deafening but right now the big five are outside sledding and only Miss Zebby (22 months) is in here asking "Where guys?"

Its fun getting to know them all........ Here are a few pics.

Michael (aka Wii kid)

You get to have 2 photos when you are kid number 6 and this one is a riot who knows how to make her presence felt!!!

So there you have it - the Gates Clan March 2011 version.

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