Sunday, March 27, 2011

Oregon Dunes

I'm baaaack.......

Just returned from a week in the lovely state of Oregon USA!  To be honest going to Oregon for Spring Break is a crap shoot weather-wise.  We've done it before and been very lucky but the forecast for last week was grim.  So like the Norwegians we decided there is no bad weather only bad clothing so we packed the gortex and headed south.  And as the photographs will show..... we had more sun than rain!!!  It was quite stormy with bands of showers that would move in, dump down and then the sun would break through and the clouds would pass and we'd be back on the deck or in the boats or on the beach! 

We had never been this far south on the Oregon Coast and we loved the dunes in Florence - they really are an amazing topographic anomaly  and amazing to see them tower just inland for miles and miles to the north and south.....  We did the Dune Buggy Tour (which is akin to a wild Disney ride that lasts for 30 minutes and during which one has no comfort that Disney engineers are in control - rather a madman at the wheel making a vehicle do very unnatural things while you are strapped helplessly in place as sand finds its way into every part of your body..... ) and also walked up and down dunes and along the flat beaches.

The lake we stayed on was lovely too - and we tootled around it on canoes, kayaks and speedboat.  It was a lovely spot now but in the summer would be amazing.... we may return.....

So here a few photos of the places of our Spring Break..... tomorrow more on the people.......

Early Morning Paddle

View from "our" deck

Wild Ocean

The waves are good for my soul

Cleawox Lake and Dunes

Our boathouse  - late afternoon

Sunset from the deck

Dunes and Tree Islands

Dunes with tracks from suicidal drivers


Dunes Dunes Dunes

The lovely Oregon Coast

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