Sunday, March 13, 2011


I have been thinking over the last few days (plane rides are good times to think I find) about the various roles I play in my life and how to balance them all.

I don't often, these days, have a chance to actively play the role of sister.  Of course this last week I was back in that role after many years and I found myself reconnecting with that part of myself.  Especially the big sister part as my little sister finds herself in a hard space right at the moment (been there done that and likely will be again).  It was good to re-find that role and be able to play it to encourage and come alongside my sister.  She is so admirable in so many ways, in so many ways I never will be.... like mothering 7 kids and pursuing a gifted academic career.  Different but alike and certainly connected always even though we are geographically far apart.  It was an unexpected part of my trip but one I am grateful to have had.

I was also a full-time daughter on this trip as my Mom and I stayed at a B&B and were together 24/7.  We're used to seeing each other often but often those moments are hurried and certainly usually involve the rest of the family so it was great to have time to talk and hang out.  My Mom has such a big heart and she is a wonderful grandmother (the kids call her Gaga) and is generous with her time and resources with each of them. 

I also got to be an Aunt for the week - a role I very seldom get to play.  I have to say it's an awesome role - all the fun without the responsibility!!  I loved getting to know the nieces and nephews and we had lots of fun.  I did the Cha Cha Slide with Amy and Josh (I think??) and got beaten at Wii more than once, baked and iced cupcakes and read lots of stories and I even went sledding (I am not sure who was more surprised me or them:). 

And then I came home and back to being a wife and a Mom - both roles I adore because I adore the people I play them with.  And tomorrow I am back to being the Executive Director and the Event Planner and on Wednesday I have my last class as College Instructor - all roles I am grateful for ( most of the time) for the work and for the opportunity to work with some amazing people (and the pay cheques are great too!).

And so many other roles....... friend, godmother, dance bus driver, sister-in law, cousin, niece etc etc....

I am grateful for all the roles, new and old and re-found and re-fined, here's hoping I can do them all as well as I want to.


  1. Hi Nicky,
    Great to read your post and your awareness around all your roles.
    i am running a ladies workshop here in Perth, and I think I might take it online too - focusing on the roles we play.
    Heard about all the roles you play with other people - what about the role of being your own manager and friend? Filling your cup up first is important so you can give to others.
    If your cup is empty, then how do you fulfill those other roles? Which of those roles fill up your cup and which ones deplete it?
    So much fun and so much discussion! Thanks for sharing your insights,
    cheering you on from the other side of the
    world, but the same side of the coin!!


  2. Good Point Jill - its my weakness..... finding ways to fill myself - I have made some progress but have a ways to go....