Thursday, March 17, 2011

Rugger Mother

Some of you will remember that back a few months Lindsay texted me from school at lunch time "I kinda joined the rugby team".  I would like to tell you I texted her back with kind and encouraging words but I did not. I freaked out and immediately had visions of her on a stretcher being carried off a field.  These were not ill-informed fears...... I grew up in rugby culture in South Africa..... I have watched MANY rugby games from school BOYS to provincial and even national matches.  If you have seen the movie "Invictus" you will know that rugby played a not insignificant role in nation building in the "new" South Africa.

So it was a little alien to me to be standing on the sideline of a rugby pitch today watching my girl, my beautiful girl, playing Hooker for the McMath Wildcats...... Yes.... Hooker.   To think I wanted her to play a team sport, I was worried she never would..... be careful what you wish for!! 

It was exhilarating and terrifying to watch the the same time.  They are obviously a great group of  girls who really enjoy playing together.  And today they dominated the game with excellent tackles, good rucks, nice ball movement down the line, amazing possession and scrums that didn't break the Hookers neck.  The final score was 58 - 0 to them...... and no.... they were not playing the blind school.....!
Line out

The "blind" ref with the pink socks......

Setting up for a scrum - Lindsay arms up in the middle in blue
"Engage" and pray you don't hear any neck crunching sounds

At one point the boys rugby coach came to have a quick look and he was literally gobsmacked as he watched them score try after try... he said he was going to find the boys and make them come and watch. 

So I was proud and amazed to see Miss Lindsay dishing some thumping tackles and making some great passes....and there in the middle of the scrum holding everyone up (she is a strong kid).....I was less happy when the tackles were on her and she went down (especially the high tackle the Ref didn't blow!!!!) but those Springbok genes are in there and with some more experience she'll be a skilled player.  She already has the heart - the fly-half and their star player started to have trouble breathing on the field (after her 6th try) and called for her inhaler....Lindsay sped across the field and grabbed it from the sideline and ran all the way back to give it to her.  After the match she told me the girl had said she was about to pass out from lack of breath and Lindsay said "That wasn't going to happen on my watch".... that's what team work is all about!!

Girls Rugby - How many are doing their hair?

Way to Go Wildcats!!! A very cool team!!


  1. Terrific - for Lindsay and her team, and for her mother!!!
    hugs to both of you.

  2. Way to go Lulu, you were awesome today! Very cool to watch Rugby this way! Thanks for sharing honey!