Sunday, March 20, 2011

Road Trip

There is nothing like packing up and setting out early in the morning on a Road Trip.

We didn't really need to leave early as we were only going 5 hours to Portland Oregon but we were awake early and so we got up and went..... with the truck packed with the boats on the roof.  Lindsay reminded me that people would not be staring at me but at the boats ( I sometimes forget and get a bit offended at all the strange looks we get when the boats are on the roof).

It was a surprisingly gorgeous morning and Mount Baker was clear on the horizon.
We had great weather until a few miles north of Portland where we had some showers.

 We stopped at Cabela's - the worlds foremost outfitters..... apparently!  We had heard it was quite something and..... it was.  As one would only find in the US of A!!  It has this HUGE installation in the middle with all manner of "stuffed" animals and a Piper Cub hanging from the roof .   It has SO MUCH stuff for Hunting / Fishing / Camping / Boating / RV'ing / Decor / Clothes....... and SO MUCH  more....
David tried on the Davy Crockett hat - I did NOT buy it!

 Only in America..... SO many guns
Does this seem like a good idea??? What makes it clearance???

David doing art in the car.....

And now we are happily in our hotel in Portland, bumped into Richmond friends within minutes (they came by train:)  and are off to have a glass of wine at the Managers Reception before wandering the neighbourhood for dinner!

GREAT Day 1 of Spring Break 2011.

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