Sunday, March 6, 2011

Who Knew......

Who knew:
1. That yesterday was not the real start of the Iditarod - it was the ceremonial start.
2. That they don't even use the their best dogs at the ceremonial start
3. That for $20 you can catch a beat up old yellow school bus to Willow Lake
4. This trip will take about 2 hours once the bus is able to start.
5. The bus drive will think you need to know about every blade of grass from here to there.
6. That we would meet such interesting people on the ride home via the icy  back roads to avoid the "traffic jam" in Wasila (these people have never seen a traffic jam).
7. That more people would boo than cheer when Sarah Palin's driveway was pointed out
8. That it would be sunny and warm (ok relatively warm for March in Alaska) at Willow Lake. I have a sunburn to prove it. (Ha Ha to Hawaii)
9. That you actually stand on the frozen lake.
10.  That you can see Mt. McKinley (Denali) like few have seen it. Like you could reach out and touch it.
11. That you will find a spot mere feet from the starting line and will be able to watch all the Mushers come down the chute and stage in front of you.
12. That the Mushers, who are about to be deep in the wilderness for 11 days, would wave and smile and pose for pictures.
13. That today would be even more incredible and amazing than yesterday....
14.  That we would feel like 2 of the luckiest women on earth to be here........

The real start
Willow Lake Alaska
These dogs are READY to GO
Mushing is a family deal....everyone plays their part
This 3rd generation Musher with his wife and baby
Lucky the dogs like to eat snow......
There is a Jamaican Musher.....
Dreams can come true

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