Friday, June 1, 2012

Mr. Dad Byres

Now that we know Allan will be teaching at the kids highschool next year and that Lindsay is currently slated to take two courses with him...... the actual reality of that is settling in and some of the conversations have been totally hilarious.  

Lindsay has a wicked sense of humour and a dry wit and has created some fairly hilarious (and completely fictitious) scenarios for how things could play out next year when Mr. Dad Byres is her teacher....although there is one scenario I really like......

Scenario 1:
(Context - Mr.Byres is known for being a stickler for the rules - especially intolerant of late arrivals).
Goodmorning Miss Byres - why are you late for class this morning?
Umm my Mom forgot to wake me up.
Correct Miss fact I woke you up at are now in detention for being late and grounded for lying.

Scenario 2:
Ummm Mr. Byres I do believe I should be getting a better grade on this project.
Really Miss Byres....let me point out my marking rubric to you once again.
I am going to call my Mother about this.
Go Ahead.... but I am sleeping with your Mother so I win.

Scenario 3:
The dog ate my project.
We don't have a dog.
Riiiight - wrong class.....

Scenario 4:
Could I do this as a take home project please, my Dad has a workshop at home and tools.
Your Dad has a school workshop and tools too - so no - get to work Byres.

Scenario 5:
Great - Parent/Teacher night  is either my Dad talking to himself or it just turned into date night  for my parents- could my life be any more tragic. ( Bonus - Allan and I could actually have a scheduled 15 minute discussion  or we could kiss  the thought of which caused Lindsay to fake throw up....LOL)

Scenario 6:
I am not, under any circumstances - eating lunch with you...... unless you have better food....or a microwave.....or money....hey this could really work out!

Scenario 7:
Can I get a ride to school ?
Sure Honey - leaving at 7am.
ARE YOU KIDDING - who goes to school at 7am?
Maybe I will walk with you and your friends - get to know them? or Longboard with David?
Is it too late to transfer schools? is going to be fun next year with my 3 Wildcats..... most of the time :)

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