Friday, June 22, 2012


I finished back-to-back semesters of teaching last night.

When I start with the Year 2's in the dark and cold of January - teaching Math, Science and Social Studies in Early Childhood feels like a long road ahead.

Right after Spring Break I start teaching the Year 1's a course called Learning Child.

And all of a sudden it's June and I am done for the year. 

Once I get going I actually enjoy the teaching.  I wouldn't call myself a "natural" teacher but I am passionate about my subject, deeply passionate about the field of Early Childhood Education and my part in developing reflective thinkers and passionate people to work in it. 

I am also super well prepared ( I know this comes as a huge shock to y'all).  Each class is a unit - most now on power point, I use media as appropriate and a blend of group work and classroom discussion. I love a good debate so I am sometimes provocative.

But it is really the students that make it all so interesting (just as it is the children in our programs that bring zest and life to them).  I have met some extraordinary women over the years.  Some I have had the privilege to see in the classroom on their practicum and what a joy it is to see their learning come alive.

I was showered with gifts last night - some delicious baking, an always welcome Starbucks card, lovely notecards, beautiful words and some hugs.  This was not an easy class, very anxious about everything, but we bumped along together and worked out a way to work and learn and in the end they all succeeded.

I am glad the "teaching season" is over for me (but for some marking) but I am sure by the time January rolls around I will be ready to get back in the classroom.

As a little present to myself I am going to buy me a new rolley cart that I use to haul all my gear to class each week.  As you can see.....this one doesn't exactly scream professionalism and is way overdue for retirement!

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