Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Almost Wordless Wednesday - London

 A restless night - so an early morning - which was REALLY early BC time - from my hotel room.  See that gentle rise - out here they think that is a mountain.
 An historic downtown that switches from quaint to seedy street by street - I think it's trying to revive itself. Some beautiful old buildings
 This logo is everywhere - in case you thought you were in the other London?
 Lots of pocket parks - spaces - this one at the downtown at the Library
 Funky bookstore - I can never resist a good bookstore
 More downtown - Bell Building at the far end - I think if Bell and/or Labatts left town there would be little left.
 The River Thames......seriously......full of Canadian Geese and a black bird that dive bombed my head and gave me quite a fright
 These metal trees in various vibrant colours are all over the downtown
 Covent Garden Market - they take this London thing seriously......

 I counted 80 huge wooden tables and benches outside the market - when I went back at lunch time there were tons of people sitting having lunch - I think Granville Island should take note
 Inside the market - a small scale of Granville Island

 I had my breakfast in the sun - its lovely and warm - lucky I ate as I was about to unknowingly take a 5km walk
 Beautiful churches
 Lots of red brick

 After 5kn with my destination nowhere in sight I hopped on a city bus which detoured through Western University Campus - which is stunning.
I wised up and took the bus back and stopped at the market for some fruit for lunch.....what is that Laura Secord bag doing there?

A little rest for my feet now and then off to register for the conference.

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