Monday, June 25, 2012

Last Monday

This is the last Monday of elementary school for David so it was not surprising that his emotions where a little high this morning.

He has done such hard work on his social/emotional self over the last year and does so much better in managing his anxiety and fears but when a lost earphone rubber pad sent him to tears this morning as I was headed out of the door I knew I needed to stop and connect.

We stood on the front path way and in the front hall acknowledging that leaving elementary school is a big step.  It's exciting and sad at the same time.  It's ok to feel sad.  He choked back the tears and we talked about what to do when you feel your cup is full and to manage those strong feelings.  He gets it.

 Add to this that Grade 7 has been David's best far, by so so makes the leaving all the harder to do.

What a hard decision it was to pull him out of Grade 6 early and move him to a new school for Grade 7.

What a right choice.

We didn't know school could be like this year has been for David.  Nourishing, rich, engaging, caring, exacting, demanding, creative, fun, innovative......everything we could have wanted for him (wish we had had for both our children all the way through!).  He has flourished and all the negative labels imposed on him before have not only vanished but actually never presented themselves in the new school setting.

 In parenting one wonders about nature vs nurture...... there have to be some similar question in teaching environments....whatever they may be.......we sure lucked out with the school, the Principal, the teacher, the classroom, the vision and values of a learning community evident throughout the building.

So as we walk through last Monday, last Tuesday, last Wednesday and finally Graduation on Thursday we will focus on the gift we were given of a great year - a great transition year to highschool but I am pretty sure David and I will need a handy supply of kleenex come Thursday at 11am as we walk out of the doors at Homma Elementary for the last time.

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  1. I'm so glad David had such a great year! Congratulations to him and have a wonderful summer as a Wildcats family!