Friday, June 8, 2012

London Calling

Ontario be precise.

I will be jetting off to the "other" side of the country on Tuesday to attend a Leadership Institute and Study Tour on Creating structures that support ongoing Professional Development......... phew that is a mouthful!

I am super excited.......and a tad anxious.

The organisation I am visiting is similar in structure to my own and I am excited to learn much from them on how to sustain curriculum and staff pro-d over multiple sites.

And I am over-the-moon excited to hear the keynote speaker Ann Pelo who was a visionary staff member at Hilltop Children's Centre in Seattle for many years and whose philosophy and practice have heavily influenced my own.

I think it will be an intense but inspiring 4 days.

I am also a tad anxious - there will be a ton of smart and experienced people there (almost all Executive level folks) and I always doubt that I will be able to hold my own, be articulate and smart and cogent......I don't love going to something where I know nobody.  There is a high degree of participation expected and there will be lots of small group work so no hiding in the back row at this event!  In this field people are usually friendly and inclusive so I am sure it will be just long as I don't spill coffee on my crisp white shirt the first day.....(Please tell me other people worry about things like this??)

I am excited to go to a new looks like a lovely city on a river....and its 30 degrees and sunny there today!!!  A king size bed in a Hilton for 4 nights will be enjoyable.  Due to silly flights I have almost a whole day to explore and get oriented before the conference and I have already picked the things I want to see and do.

I will miss my family.......5 days will feel long without them.

Here's to learning and adventure, on-time flights, long bubble baths, new connections, some "down" time for rest and reflection and lots of inspiration to bring home.

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