Sunday, June 3, 2012

Super Silly Saturday

Yesterday was off, odd, the earth was a little off kilter.......something was in the air.

1. David was last up......WHAT......our early bird slept in and stayed in bed until after 10am.  I know there was a time I dreamed this would happen but now....I am not so sure......this teenage metamorphosis is ....disconcerting.

2. Our sleeper was up early to go grocery shopping with her Dad.....WHAT.......up and dressed before 9am......hmmm

3. I went to work, Allan and Lindsay did a big grocery shop, David mowed the lawn and trimmed the edges and got an injury, Allan and David installed the new water tank in the garden, Lindsay got a hair cut and Allan, assisted by Lindsay and I made an amazing dinner.

So we sat down to a lovely, civilized, unhurried dinner.....I was looking forward to some great conversation, catching up with everyone, talking about the next couple of weeks....

A Mom can dream.

Within seconds of sitting down........

1. Lindsay and David told an unbroken string of Chuck Norris jokes........seriously.......where do they find these?  Gone instantly the refined atmosphere not to mention the the peace and quite.  I will admit they were funny......"Little kids wear Superman pajamas, Superman wears Chuck Norris Pajamas"....."Chuck Norris counted to Infinity....twice".

2. Shortly after that episode Allan broke into song ......and old song he couldn't remember the words to so he played it on his iPhone - its a lovely Celtic ballad that my sister sings beautifully..... the children rolled their eyes and gagged silently as Allan and I croaked along ........

3. It made me melancholic......I poured a second glass of red wine.

4. Lindsay begged for some upbeat music and a 4 minute conversation broke out using only song do they know all this stuff?  Used to be all they knew was "I love you, You love me, we're  a happy family" and now its rolling in the deep, lighting the rain on fire, are we dancers or are we humans?, we built this city on rock and roll, it's all alright now, pumped up kicks.....boom boom pow........

5. While this was happening Allan now having tapped into the sappy ballad genre on his iTunes played "You light up my life" .....the children now made audible gagging noises.

6. By the time he found "Wind beneath my wings" the children decided interpretive dance was in order and began doing "suicide dancing" as they call it.........there was absolutely no decorum, or dinner, left at this point.

David being the wind beneath Allan's wings

7. I thought I could redeem the moment by playing "Let the River Run"" from the movie Working Girl (worth watching the music video just for the 80's hair....and Harrison Ford) but , as much as I loved it, the children returned to their eye rolling as they cleared the table.

So the dinner I imagined and the dinner that actually unfolded.........not even close.....but that's all alright because the one that happened will likely be remembered far more .......

I love my family

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